Board of Directors


The Board of Directors of Downtown Odessa, Inc. is made up of seven individuals appointed by each City Council member and the Mayor. Each director serves concurrent terms with the council member they were appointed by. The Mayor, City Manager, One council member, the organizations Executive Director, and a City of Odessa legal representative serve as ex officio to the board as well.

Board of Directors Appointed by City Council

  • Cruz Castillo, Board Member
    JSA Architects
  • Alma Gomez, Board Member
    Texas Tech University Health Science Center
  • Lonnie Lawrence, Board Member
  • William Vaughn, Board Member
    Powerhouse Reality

Executive Officers

  • David Shawn Rodriquez , Board Chairman
  • John Herriage , Board Chair-Elect
  • Sondra Eoff , Board Treasurer

City Council Representatives

  • Greg Connell, District 4
  • Chris Hanie, District 5

Ex-Officio; Non-Voting Members

  • Greg Connell, Council Member
  • Chris Hanie, Council Member
  • Agapito Bernal, Interim City Manager
    City of Odessa
  • Mayor Javier Joven, Board Member
    City of Odessa Mayor

Downtown Odessa, Inc. Staff


Downtown Odessa, Inc.'s Board of Directors and its Director work closely with the Odessa City Council and the City Manager's Office in downtown economic development efforts.