Master Planning Initiative

The Master Plan

Downtown Odessa has begun a strategic and in-depth re-positioning of its development potential as regional economic momentum begins to uptick. This Downtown Design and Implementation Plan will serve to unify private investment, public investment and development activity for business owners, landowners, potential business owners, interested investors and developers. Download and view the Master Plan (PDF).

The Downtown Vision

This Master Plan was crafted from the various concepts explored throughout this project and based on the stakeholder interviews and feedback sessions. This vision is the culmination of ideas and desires discovered through this community-driven initiative. The Plan identifies new development and redevelopment in relation to existing development that is already underway or about to begin.

The plan emphasizes the opportunity for infill development along with the increased integration and connectivity of public open spaces via parklets, street plazas and parks. The plan also delineates residential opportunities in Downtown, including the potential for multifamily and town home developments. The potential relocation of the courthouse to the adjacent block east of its current location is also addressed as it could allow for better integration into Downtown's urban fabric but also the creation of a central gathering space for the community.

Additionally, the plan reinforces an overall connectivity strategy through the reinvention of key streets as linear street plazas (known as woonerfs) from the new convention center and hotel along 5th Street to Grant Avenue, down 2nd Street and Texas Avenue continuing to the new public plaza on the courthouse site. These connected open spaces open up the opportunity for a variety of event programs and reinforces the pedestrian-friendly and safe development.

Design Downtown Odessa

Design of Downtown Odessa