Public Works 

Paving MachineryThe Public Works Department maintains plans for short and long term Capital Improvements programs.


The department is comprised of five divisions:


The Engineering Division is responsible for design and design review, contracting, and construction inspection of Public Works facilities/improvements; planning of future streets, water, sewer, and drainage facilities; and mapping of all City facilities including buildings, water and sewer utility lines, and streets.


The Geointelligence Division uses computer-based tools for mapping and analyzing different types of data and events that happen within the City of Odessa. The team provides assistance to the community, private and public entities and all City departments by presenting enormous amounts of database information in a usable and understandable digital format.

Utilities GIS 

The Utilities GIS Division uses computer-based tools for mapping construction anything utilities related for the City of Odessa. 

Solid Waste

The Solid Waste Division is an Enterprise Fund operation that provides for the scheduled collection and disposal of residential and commercial solid waste generated in the City. The Solid Waste Division has established a contract with Charter Waste Management, a private firm, to receive the City of Odessa's solid waste at their landfill facility. By contracting, the City avoids the cost of constructing a new liner at the landfill each year and establishes a site for disposal of the City's solid waste for many years to come.


The Street Division is responsible for comprehensive maintenance programs of paved and unpaved streets, alleys, and drainage channels within the City.

Traffic Engineering

The Traffic Engineering Division provides monitoring for the safe and efficient movement of people and goods within the City of Odessa through the installation, maintenance, and repair of traffic signals and signs, the determination of alternative traffic patterns, elimination of visual obstruction, and safety enforcement.


This division provides various services to the City of Odessa.  More information on those services can be found here.