Solid Waste

Dump Truck on the Curb of a Suburban NeighborhoodThe Solid Waste Division is part of the Public Works Department. We provide a reliable and efficient system of collection and transportation of municipal solid waste from residential and commercial customers in a professional, consistent, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible method, resulting in the enhancement of the quality of life in Odessa and the public welfare.


  • Our ambition is to educate and equip each citizen with the tools to lessen their environmental impact through recycling, reducing, reusing, and composting. 
  • Value and respect our employees.
  • Continuously plan for the future.

2021 Solid Waste Holiday Schedule

Waste and Recycling

* Damaged dumpsters or roll-out carts should be reported to the Solid Waste Department. Please call 432-368-3510 to request a replacement or repair.