Animal Shelter

Mission Statement

The Odessa Animal Shelter, a division of the Odessa Police Department, is a temporary shelter for strays, lost, found, and quarantined dogs and cats.  Our service includes: 

  • Animal adoption
  • Caring for stray and unwanted animals
  • Education on responsible pet ownership
  • Zoonotic disease prevention

The Odessa Animal Shelter and the Odessa Animal Control both work independently of each other, but are in the same division.  Click here to see the Odessa Animal Control Division page.  

New Building Progress

Currently, a brand new building for the Odessa Animal Shelter is being built.  Click the image down below to check out some drone footage of the process so far! 

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Adoptions/Reclaim or Lost Animals

If you want to adopt or reclaim an animal, please come by the shelter with a valid Driver's License or ID card. If you're looking for a lost animal, please visit the shelter.  

If you have a lost animal, send your photos to along with your name, address and phone number. For questions regarding processes, call the Animal Control Shelter 432 368 3527

Emergency & Non-Emergency

For emergencies, call 911, for Animal Control Officers. Animal emergencies Include:

  • Animal Attacks
  • Vicious Animals
  • Animal Bites
  • Injured Animals

For non-emergency animal issues, call 432-333-3641 and option 8 for Animal Control Officers within the city limits. To report animal related issues in the county, contact the Ector County Sheriff’s Office at 432-335-3050

Animal Non-Emergencies Include:

  • Stray Animals
  • Dead Animals

Scar dogVeterinarian Inspection & State Inspection

As mandated by the Texas Health and Safety Code 823, a veterinarian annually inspects the Odessa Animal Shelter. The last inspection was completed by Dr. Kenneth Waldrup DVM in May of 2021. 

Per Texas Health and Safety Code 826, a Texas Administrative Code, Rabies Control and Education Section 169.26, the Department of State Health Services will annually inspect the Animal Shelter facility. The Odessa Police Department Animal Shelter has passed every inspection.


As in City Ordinance 2-4-5; licensed animals are held for 10 days and unlicensed animals for 3 days. After that, the animal's disposition may be determined by the space available at the shelter. If the animal is injured or diseased, the holding period may be waived.

Euthanization - State Procedures

As per the State Health and Safety Code 821.052 and 821.053 and the Texas Administration Code Title 25 Part 1 Chapter 169.84, animals are euthanized by injection only.

Approved Fosters

Fosters must be part of an organized 501 (c)(3) rescue group, complete an application at the shelter, provide a copy of their Driver's License or state issued identification and allow an Animal Control officer to inspect the premises where the animal(s) will be sheltered.  The foster application must be approved by the shelter manager (City ordinance Chapter 2 Article 2-3-4).