Public Relations Manager

Monica Quintero is the Public Relations Manager for the Odessa Police Department. The Public Relations Manager serves as the official Department spokesperson for the media and in all matters pursuant to other types of inquiries from various sources.

The Public Relations Manager primary responsibility is to ensure the appropriate release of information to the news media is in accordance with the Texas Open Records Act and Departmental regulations. The release of information is handled in a manner so as to respect the public's right to know and protect ongoing police investigations so that a potential criminal prosecution is not jeopardized. The Public Relations Manager also serves to assist at the scene of any major incident, handling media activities on site.

Open Records Request

Under the Texas Open Records Act, certain information may be obtained from the Odessa Police Department. Open Records requests must be submitted in writing; no requests are accepted by telephone. An Open Records Request form is available online in order to ensure all the required information is complete in order to process your request.

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