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City Manager's Office

  1. Citizens Response Form
  1. Telling our Stories - City of Odessa

    We are passionate about keeping our residents informed and telling our stories! There are so many wonderful place, people and events... More…

Fire Department

  1. Contact the Fire Department

    Contact the Fire Department with your questions and concerns.

  1. EMS Lifeline


  1. I want to request a Digital Map (PDF)

    If you are requesting a map, please complete this form.

Keep Odessa Beautiful

  1. Adopt-A-Campus Agreement

    The Adopt a Campus program is in place to instill pride and leadership skills. School Facilitator empowers students to lead their... More…

  2. Adopt-A-Spot Agreement

    Adopt-A-Spot Agreement Form

  3. Board Member Commitment Form
  4. Board Workshop Preparation Survey
  5. Community Windshield Survey
  6. Event/Project After Action Report

    An assessment of an event, program, and or project.

  7. Fall Community Cleanup Registration
  8. Join Our Email List
  9. Keep Odessa Beautiful Board Nomination Form

    Nomination Form For New Board Members

  10. Litter Receptacle Reservation Request

    Reserve Litter Receptacles For Your Special Event.

  11. Planet Troopers Survey
  12. Report An Unsightly Or Hazardous Area

    Report litter, debris, graffiti, hazardous waste, improper disposal, and excessive lawn growth.

  13. Report Your Clean up

    This report must be completed in order to have your completed hours signed off on by a staff member.

  14. Solid Waste Report & Data Collection

    Department Analytics

  15. Storm Water Report & Data Collection

    Department Analytics

  16. Sustainability Scholarship Application

    Community scholarship application to complete a sustainability project.

  17. YAC Application

    Youth Advisory Council Application

  1. Adopt-A-Nonprofit Agreement

    Nonprofit Recycling Program

  2. Annual Permian Basin Recycle Fashion Show Portfolio

    Design Portfolio Needs To Include: 1. Title of design 2. List of materials used 3. Design sketch 4. 30 second video (modeling... More…

  3. Board of Directors - Self Evaluation Form
  4. Community Achievement Reporting

    Report your community achievements and successes that directly impact Odessa.

  5. Court Ordered Community Service Registration & Waiver of Liability

    Community Service, Volunteer , and Waiver of Liability Registration Form

  6. Fall Campus Rivalry Cleanup Registration
  7. FREE Merchandise/Presentation Request For Cleanups, Recycling, Promo Items, And Other Events

    FREE Merchandise/Presentation Request For Cleanups, Recycling, Promo Items, And Other Events

  8. Keep Odessa Beautiful Board Member Questionnaire

    A Questionnaire For The Board Member

  9. Litter Attitude Survey
  10. Litterbusters Prevention Agreement

    Maintaining and servicing the litter receptacles during special events

  11. Recycling Log & Report

    Recycle and waste log sheet and report

  12. Report Your Clean Up
  13. SAVE YOUR SPOT!!! 2023 Fashion Show Participant Registration

    Application to participate in the 8th Annual Permian Basin Recycle Fashion Show

  14. Star Yard of the Month Nomination
  15. Streets Report & Data Collection

    Department Analytics

  16. Volunteer

    Community Volunteer


  1. 2023 National Night Out Registration Form
  2. OPD Chaplain Program Application

    The Police Chaplains Program is staffed by volunteer chaplains from various church denominations. These chaplains provide a valuable... More…

  3. Submit a Crime Tip
  1. Contact the Police Department
  2. Police Department Commendations & Complaints

    Submit a commendation or complaint about an Odessa Police Officer or employee.

  3. Submit a Crime Tip: Drug Offenses


  1. Stormwater Complaint Form

    Please complete this form to report a stormwater violation within the City of Odessa. This form will be sent to the Stormwater Team and... More…